Your Style Could Go Wrong

The World knows only those who live their life with totally stylish attitude and they always try to invent something different. Every person has it’s own styling sense thus, it becomes another analysis that one fabulous style pattern could not look on somebody else that looks good on you. The current era is all about fashion, brands and all high standard things. As there is nature of people business starts developing in that sense today much new stylish clothing, footwear is coming up and intention is just to make more money. Sometimes style could not go well and it could damage your health.

Using cotton fabric is like down market and people generally avoid using cotton clothes but it would be shocking to read that this is the only kind of fabric that allows your body to get oxygen from skin pores. Most of the clothing material is chemical based thus; they do not allow our body to get oxygen. Using such kind of clothing could result in the unhealthy skin and unhealthy body.

Along with this premium benefit of cotton clothing, there is one more thing that you could get only using cotton fabric or wear nothing on the body. Since ancient time people are not used to using clothes on their upper body, even they do not use to wear any clothing on their lower body except hiding their private portion. The reason is to have direct contact with nature. Current clothing not even soaks sweat which is highly essential, this is the reason you should start wearing cotton clothing.

Many people like to wear tight jeans as this is always in trend, this used to be the fashion status for a female but in recent time many such patterns are launched for men. Using tight clothing could damage your genital area and it could damage the blood vessel passing the blood for an erection. Using such kind of clothes could result in a weakening of erection and you might have to face some issues like impotence. Though impotence can be treated using medication known as Stendra. But the fact is why not prevent the issue before it happens using comfortable clothing.

Always follow the style which makes you & your body totally comfortable.

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